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Consider first the risks and potential difficulties, check the feasibility of the project in its entirety.

Propose one or more comprehensive solutions, reflecting the major elements of the briefing:

  • Moodboard

  • Analysis (flows, competition, market positioning) and requires a search (marketing survey, store-check, Internet iconographic research, book ...)

  • 2D sketches or 3D sketch-up

  • Materials (samples of material)


Phase 01:

  • Define the overall composition in plan and volume (images or 3D model)

  • Estimate the interiors and the exterior of the structure (3D).

  • Provide technical advice

  • Define a preliminirary timetable for completion

  • Establish a preliminary estimate of the cost estimate of work

Phase 02:

  • Determine detailed surfaces of all elements of the program (3D images, map and overall ratings)

  • Stop in plans, sections and facades dimensions of structure

  • Define design principles, materials and technical facilities

  • Analyze the offerings of companies.

  • Establish the final estimate of the cost estimate of work

  • Finalise the program

execution details

The execution studies target the realization of the work.

To prepare all drawings and specifications for the use of the site and plans of synthesis there of:

  • Browse by plans, sections and elevations, the shapes of various elements of construction, nature and characteristics of materials

  • Determine the location and the size of all structural elements and all technical equipment

  • Define the paths of all fluids

  • Perform the technical coherence of the documents provided by companies

  • Establish the basis of implementation plans an itemized bill of quantities

  • Establish an estimated cost of work broken down by state bodies, on the basis of a quantity take-offs

  • Establish the schedule of works

direction of work
  • Ensure that the construction documents and the works being carried out comply with the provisions of the studies

  • Harmonize in time and space, the actions of different stakeholders at the stage of work

  • Make the contradictory findings, and organize and conduct job meetings

  • Conduct a review of the disorders identified by the contracting authority

  • Set up the file structures needed to run their operations

  • Check the draft monthly invoices or requests for advances made by the contractor to establish statements of advances, check the draft final statement prepared by the contractor to establish the general account

  • Assist the Owner in the event of dispute settlement or enforcement work

  • Assist the client in the acceptance of work with all stakeholders related to the work

  • Verify compliance of work performed with all the plans in order to accept

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